Dental implants are now at the forefront of modern dentistry, and if you’ve been struggling with one or more missing teeth, implants may be the ideal solution for your restorative needs.

In fact, patients are often so pleased by the procedure and its countless valuable health and aesthetic benefits that they don’t even realize their implants aren’t natural teeth after some time has passed!

Dr. Ernie Belen has a wealth of experience in the precise art of implant dentistry, and he can handle both your placement and restoration right here at our office.

The Implant

Our team will first need to determine whether you’re a viable candidate for dental implants through an evaluation of your oral health and unique needs. Then, we can work together to create an individualized treatment plan that gives you back the healthier, more complete smile you’ve been dreaming of. The versatility of implant dentistry enables us to be able to treat a wide range of dental needs, whether it’s one tooth with a single implant and personalized crown, or a full arch of teeth with a custom-crafted, anchored denture.

You’ll first need to undergo the surgical portion of the implant process. While many dentists must refer their patients to outside specialists for this procedure, our experienced team at Lakepoint Dental is able to handle every step at our office for your convenience and comfort.

Once we’ve precisely placed your implants and an appropriate amount of time has passed for them to fuse with your jawbone and create a healthy, solid foundation, we’ll bring you back in so that we can place your brand-new restoration… you’ll be amazed by how seamless and stunning the results are!

Benefits of choosing dental implants for your tooth replacement solution include:

Great health benefits for overall oral health. Unlike traditional dentures and bridges, dental implants replace both the root and the crown of the tooth, which solves the problem of jawbone deterioration and even stimulates new growth, keeping the area full and healthy throughout the years.

Unmatched durability. You’ll never have to worry about slippage with an implant-retained denture. It feels as strong and stable as your natural smile!

No special rules or requirements. You can treat your dental implant just like natural teeth – no dietary restrictions or complicated oral healthcare routines required! Just make sure to attend regular check-ups and keep brushing and flossing.

An impressive success rate. Over 95% of implant procedures are successful, and if cared for properly, they can go on to last for a lifetime.

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